Bavarian AI Chair for Mathematical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

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Summer semester 2022, Tuesday at 2:00PM, Thursdays at 3:00PM.

Date Speaker Title
28.04.22 Noam Razin (PhD Student at Tel Aviv University) Generalization in Deep Learning Through the Lens of Implicit Rank Minimization
5.5.22 Adalbert Fono (PhD Student at LMU) Inverse Problems Are Solvable on Real Number Signal Processing Hardware
10.05.22 Georgios Kaissis (Assistant Professr at TUM) A unifying view on the Gaussian mechanism for Differential Privacy
17.05.22 Chirag Varun Shukla (PhD Student at LMU)

A Survey on Dynamic Graph Embeddings

19.05.22 Julius Hege (Student Researcher at LMU)

50% More Fun – Machine Learning in Three Dimensions

24.05.22 Stefan Kolek (PhD Student at LMU)

Learning Private Learning

31.05.22 Laura Thesing (Postdoc at LMU) TBA
07.06.22 Monica Michaelis (Scientific Manager at LMU) TBA
14.06.22 Philipp Scholl (PhD Stundent at LMU) TBA
21.06.22 Hector Andrade Loarca (Postdoc LMU) TBA
28.06.22 Sohir Maskey (PhD Student at LMU) TBA
05.07.22 Aras Bacho (Postdoc at LMU) TBA
12.07.22 Yunseok Lee (PhD Student at LMU) TBA
19.07.22 Chirag Varun Shukla (PhD Stundet at LMU) TBA
26.07.22 Mariia Seleznova (PhD Stundet at LMU) TBA


Winter semester 2021/22, Tuesdays at 2:00PM, Room B052, Thursdays at 3:00PM.

Date Speaker Title
7.10.21 Laura Thesing Overview of Research Projects and Interests
19.10.21 Yunseok Lee What I do: Inverse Problems and Deep Learning
26.10.21 Christian Koke Geometric Scattering Networks
2.11.21 Sophie Langer (TU Darmstadt) Deep Learning Meets Statistics: Circumventing the Curse of Dimensionality with Deep Neural Networks
9.11.21 Stefan Kolek Martinez de Azagra CartoonX
23.11.21 Laura Thesing (virtual talk) Which networks can be learned by an algorithm? – Expressivity meets Turing in Deep Learning
7.12.21 Adalbert Fono (virtual talk) Computability and Deep Learning
9.12.21 Stefan Kolek Martinez de Azagra (virtual talk) Presentation of ideas from "Quantifying task complexity through generalized information measures"
16.12.21 Aras Bacho (virtual talk) A concise  introduction to Differential Equations
13.1.22 Stefan Kolek Martinez de Azagra Introduction to differential privacy in deep learning
20.1.22 KU-LMU-TUM Joint Seminar
25.1.22 Philipp Scholl Safe Policy Improvement Approaches on Discrete Markov Decision Processes
1.2.22 Héctor Andrade Loarca Deep Shape Reconstruction
3.2.22 Silas Alberti How Do Inductive Biases Affect Generalization? A Functional Perspective

4.2.22, 11:30AM

Simon Heyrowsky

Learned Reconstruction in Electron Tomography

4.2.22, 12:10PM Aras Bacho Presentation of the paper "Fourier Neural Operator for Parametric Partial Differential Equations"
8.2.22 Chirag Varun Shukla Rate-Distortion Explanations on Graphs
10.2.22 Mariia Seleznova Neural Tangent Kernel Beyond the Infinite-Width Limit: Effects of Depth and Initialization
15.2.22 Stefan Bamberger Potential and Limitations of Neural Networks for Recovery of Sparse Signals

KU-LMU-TUM Joint Seminar:

Adalbert Fono

Sohir Maskey

8.3.22 Vit Fojtik A Constructive Upper Bound on Shallow Network Size

Summer Semester 2021, Wednesdays at 2:00 p.m.

Date Speaker Title
14.4.21 Ron Levie Fast Radio Propagation Prediction with Deep Learning
21.4.21 Adalbert Fono A Theoretical and Practical Analysis of Deep Neural Networks emulating Matrix Multiplication
28.4.21 Sohir Maskey Transferability of Graph Neural Networks - A Generalized Graphon Approach
5.5.21 Hector Andrade Loarca Semantic Edge Detection with Applied Harmonic Analysis and Deep Neural Networks
12.5.21 Chirag Varun Shukla A Brief Overview of Explainability Techniques for Graph Neural Networks
19.5.21 Stefan Kolek Martinez De Azagra Disentangled Representations for Explainable AI
26.5.21 Matt J. Colbrook Can stable and accurate neural networks be computed? On the
barriers of deep learning and Smale's 18th problem
2.6.21 Duc Anh Nguyen Neural Collapse with Cross-Entropy Loss
16.6.21 Aleksandar Bojchevski Trustworthy Machine Learning for Graphs with Guarantees
22.6.21 Philipp Scholl Evaluation of Safe Policy Improvement with Soft Baseline Bootstrapping
7.7.21 Mariia Seleznova Analyzing Finite Neural Networks: Can We Trust Neural Tangent Kernel Theory
14.7.21 Ron Levie Reducing the Complexity of Wavelet-Based Signal Processing with a Wavelet Plancherel Theory
Kerstin Hammernik

Summer Semester 2021,  Colloquium of Mathematics at LMU:

Date Speaker Title
24.06.2021 Philipp Grohs Deep Learning in Numerical Analysis