Bavarian AI Chair for Mathematical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

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Winter semester 2022/2023, Thursday 2pm-4pm.

Date Speaker Title
03.11 Hung-Hsu Chou Mysterious Love: Find the Closest Solution Under Implicit Bias/Regularization
10.11 Chirag Shukla Towards Training GNNs using Explanation-Directed Message Passing
10.11 Siyu Liang White Noise Solutions of mSQG Equations on R2
15.11 Johannes Maly A simple approach for quantizing neural networks
17.11 Ulrich Rührmair Computer Security without Classical Secrets
17.11 Yunseok Lee Adversarial Regularizers - The Spectral Case
01.12 Chirag Shukla Towards Training GNNs using Explanation-Directed Message Passing
8.12 Vit Fojtik TBA
8.12 Philipp Scholl Well-definedness of Physical Law Learning: The Uniqueness Problem
15.12 Stefan Kolek Explaining Image Classifiers with Multiscale Directional Representation
15.12 Laura Thesing TBA
05.01 Mariia Seleznova TBA
12.01 Bertrand Charpentier TBA
12.01 Raffaele Paolino TBA
19.01 Hector Andrade Loarca TBA
19.01 Adalbert Fono TBA
26.01 Sohir Maskey TBA
26.01 Manjot Singh TBA
02.02 Aras Bacho TBA




Summer semester 2022, Tuesday at 2:00PM, Thursdays at 3:00PM.

Date Speaker Title
28.04.22 Noam Razin (Tel Aviv University) Generalization in Deep Learning Through the Lens of Implicit Rank Minimization
5.5.22 Adalbert Fono Inverse Problems Are Solvable on Real Number Signal Processing Hardware
10.05.22 Georgios Kaissis (TUM) A unifying view on the Gaussian mechanism for Differential Privacy
17.05.22 Chirag Varun Shukla 

A Survey on Dynamic Graph Embeddings

19.05.22 Julius Hege 

50% More Fun – Machine Learning in Three Dimensions

24.05.22 Stefan Kolek 

Learning Private Learning

31.05.22 Laura Thesing  Expressivity through the lens of computability
07.06.22 Monica Michaelis  Bridging the Gap – Examples from Life Sciences
14.06.22 Duc Anh  Memorization-dilation: Modeling neural collapse under noise
21.06.22 Hector Andrade Loarca  Equivariant Multiview Reconstruction
30.06.22 Manjot Singh  Expressivity of Spiking Neural Networks
07.07.22 Philipp Scholl  Physical Law Learning
12.07.22 Yunseok Lee  Can we calculate this? - On the Turing-computability of optimization problems
19.07.22 Sohir Maskey Expressivity of Graph Neural Networks
21.07.22 Raffaele Paolino Spatial Networks in Geometric Deep Learning
26.07.22 Mariia Seleznova  Implicit bias of differentially private SGD
29.07.22 Massimo Delle Piane Data driven approaches to reconstruct the innate dynamics of complex molecular systems