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Mathematical Signal and Image Processing

Welcome to the lecture Mathematical Signal and Image Processing

by Prof. Dr. Gitta Kutyniok.

Course Description

Signals and images are the most widely used types of data with numerous applications. The area of mathematical signal and image processing aims to develop methods for their acquisition and analysis, which arise from and allow a deep mathematical understanding. Of particular interest in this area are also inverse problems, which aim to recover signals or images from measurements in the sense of inverting the measurement operator. Intriguingly, various of the methods which were developed to solve such problems led in turn to deep mathematical theories, such as wavelet systems in the realm of approximation theory and functional analysis. Finally, a recent development also connects the area of mathematical signal and image processing with artificial intelligence, in particular, deep neural networks.
This lecture will provide an introduction into this exciting and rich research area. Some of the topics, which we will discuss, are:

  • Compressed Sensing
  • Frame Theory
  • Inverse Problems
  • Wavelet and Shearlet Theory
  • Deep Neural Networks

Schedule and Venue

This course is very likely to be virtual. The registered participants will be informed about the decision until 11.4. on this webpage as well as in an email to the registered participants on moodle. If presence would be possible, the lectures would take place in room C 123.
In case of a virtual course, which seems currently the most likely format, the course will be organized as follows:

Introductory Event
Prof. Dr. Gitta Kutyniok
April 13, 10-12
Prof. Dr. Gitta Kutyniok
The lectures will be provided as videos on moodle, which each registered participant can access. Also written material will be provided.
Prof. Dr. Gitta Kutyniok
In the spirit of the concept of a flipped classroom, we will offer frequent meetings for discussion of the material and possible questions. Those meetings will take place during Tu, 10-12.
Exercise Classes
Adalbert Fono
The exercise classe will take place as live session on Zoom during Thur, 10-12. The required information will be provided via moodle.
Adalbert Fono, Jago Silberbauer
Office Hours
Adalbert Fono, Mariia Seleznova
Thur, 16-18, for help with practical exercises by Mariia Seleznova.



We ask all participants to enroll in the course in moodle.


Information about the exam will be announced in the first lecture and also posted here.


This course is targeted at Bachelor and Master students from mathematics, business mathematics, or financial mathematics, but also interested students from computer science and statistics are welcome. The course requires knowledge of the topics from the course “Maßtheorie und Integralrechnung mehrerer Variablen” and “Stochastics”. Moreover, basics of functional analysis are helpful, but not required.