Bavarian AI Chair for Mathematical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

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  • S. Maskey, G. Kutyniok, R. Levie. Generalization Bounds for Message Passing Networks on Mixture of Graphons (arXiv:2404.03473)
  • H. Boche, A. Fono and G. Kutyniok. Mathematical Algorithm Design for Deep Learning under Societal and Judicial Constraints: The Algorithmic Transparency Requirement (arXiv:2401.10310)


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  • A. Bacho, H. Boche, G. Kutyniok. Reliable AI: Does the Next Generation Require
    Quantum Computing? (arXiv:2307.01301v1)
  • Hung-Hsu Chou, Johannes Maly, Claudio Mayrink Verdun. Non-negative Least Squares via Overparametrization (arXiv:2207.08437)


  • E. Kasneci, K. Sessler, S. Küchemann, M. Bannert, D. Dementieva, F. Fischer, U. Gasser, G. Groh, S. Günnemann, E. Hüllermeier, S. Krusche, G. Kutyniok, T. Michaeli, C. Nerdel, J. Pfeffer, O. Poquet, M. Sailer, A. Schmidt, T. Seidel, M. Stadler, J. Weller, J. Kuhn, G. Kasneci. ChatGPT for Good? On Opportunities and Challenges of Large Language Models for Education. Learning & Individual Differences, to appear (pdf).
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  • A. Bacho, H. Boche, G. Kutyniok. Complexity Blowup for Solutions of the Laplace and the Diffusion Equation. (arXiv:2212.00693)
  • G. Kutyniok, The Mathematics of Artificial Intelligence (pdf)
  • H. Boche, A. Fono and G. Kutyniok. Inverse Problems Are Solvable on Real Number Signal Processing Hardware (arxiv:2204.02066)
  • M. Ko, U. K. Panchal, H. Andrade-Loarca, A. Mendez-Vazquez. CoShNet: A Hybird Complex Valued Neural Network using Shearlets (arXiv:2208.06882)
  • H. Boche, A. Fono and G. Kutyniok. Non-Computability of the Pseudoinverse on Digital Computers (arXiv:2212.02940)